Why reading is highly regarded? 10 reasons you should regularly read.

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Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey- apart from being eminent personalities and having billion dollars in their accounts, what is the other thing that they have in common? – The habit of reading. They spend hours and hours, reading.

According to some websites, the CEO reads 50 books in a year. That is a staggering number. 

Whereas the number falls to a single digit when we talk about other people.

Why is it that all the articles on how to be wealthy, entail reading as a prominent point? Why is reading highly regarded?

Well, here’s the answer.

1.) A great deal of learning- Books are marvelous teachers. Warren Buffett credits his investment strategy to the book The Intelligent Investor written by his mentor. Every biography has a unique life lesson for the readers. You get to learn about the hardship they had to encounter, their struggles and failures. 

What took Steve Jobs to build Apple, or how Warren Buffett generated billions from stocks, you get all this valuable information by investing a few dollars in books. Apart from their experience, you also come across certain traits that are required to be successful. You are well-prepared for the obstacles beforehand, when you read. Some of the writers spend years doing research which may be life-changing for you.

2.) Mental Exercise- You hit the gym for a physical workout, but what about the mental workout? Reading is a great way to jog and stimulate your mind. By focusing on words, you are developing concentration. Reading is the best way to sharpen your mind. It expands your mindpower. An hour spent on reading every day is much more beneficial than wasting your time watching movies, series, and scrolling through a social media feed. The latter only rots your brain. 

3.) Expands creativity and imagination- The best way to explain this point is by the following example. The Harry Potter series did take the readers on a magical ride. While reading the Harry Potter series, you would have surely portrayed Hogwarts or Quidditch. It’s not just with the Harry Potter series, you pick any fiction book and you form a mental picture at the back of your mind. You take your mind to explore some foreign land, blue seas, or dense forest. All of this evolves your imagination and boosts your creativity.

4.) Vocabulary and writing- Reading, without a doubt, develop your vocabulary. It’s seldom that you don’t stumble across a word you don’t know. You come across a certain word, you find its meaning in the dictionary. Well, that’s not it. The only way a new word will be stuck in your mind is when you happen to read the word again and again. That is why you need to keep a separate diary for words and keep updating them. When it comes to writing, not only do you have new words but also a very good conjecture on new voices, sentence formations, etc.

5.) Personal growth- The best part about books is that you can find books on any topic you want.  Be it, stocks, business, sales, personality development, etc. For example, you are struggling with alcohol addiction, then you should read books on cultivating good habits. If you want to master a particular topic, all you have to do is read books on that particular topic and you’ll be better than the average people. There is a saying that years down line you’ll be the person on the type of books you read today and people you spend time with. Make sure to invest in good books, they’ll give you marvelous returns.

6.) Makes you an interesting person- A regular reader will always have an edge over others in a conversation. He/she would never run out of content to talk about, all this because of the perspective, beliefs he/she would have gained by reading. By constant reading, he/she would have amassed great knowledge, stories to share it with people. The right kind of book makes your intellect strong.

7.) Reduces stress- Reading is a stress buster. You are having a bad day, the best way to turn it around is to tumble down in a good story. It will alienate you away from all the toxicity. When you slip away in the book, your mind let’s go of the matters bothering you. You become so engrossed in the story that all tension walks away. Reading is a fabulous way of relaxing. 

8.)Improves concentration- Today, our attention spans are at all-time lows. Distractions have become an imperative part of our lives. Every free time we get, we waste it on sliding mindlessly through social media or watching crap. Reading can be a saviour. While reading, your mind only focuses on the text. This goes on and on, which in turn, also ramps up your productivity.

9.) Great source of entertainment- Books are a wonderful source of entertainment. They provide you with pleasure that the virtual screen cannot. Today, many movies are an adaptation of books. I have also met people who claim that it’s better to watch a two-hour movie than to read the whole book because it saves time. They are fools. Books are much superior. A movie will not add value to your life but a book definitely will.

10.) Improves sleep- Reading helps you sleep better. The last activity you should do before going off sleeping is that it clams your mind. At night, people usually watch porn before dozing off to sleep which ruins sleep as it has an adverse impact. Whereas, when you read at night, your mind is relishing and relaxing which helps you fall asleep faster and you are committing to a sound sleep.

The Takeaway

Reading is a great habit. It makes you smarter, better and you grow as a person only if you act. No book can make you better if you are not willing to take action. If you are not a person who reads, you are missing out a lot. A person who doesn’t read only lives one life whereas the person who reads lives many lives.

And don’t forget that there are tons and tons of reading stuff. Be wise, and pick the ones which add value to your life. 

We would love to know how many books you read in a year. Let us know in the comments below.

We also have a book recommendation page, where we have handpicked the best books based on category. 

Thank You and enjoy reading!

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  1. I agree with the article. Yes reading habit is one of the best traits and it has to be meticulously cultivated by everyone. All the great leaders in the world have had reading habits.

  2. Definitely reading of books is workout for brain as Gym. helps physical development .Reading keeps brain active & inculcate positive thought resulting to good decision in our day to day life. Good company in life leads to choosing right path through sharing of good thoughts.

  3. Really it is true that reading is a good habit, still we does not follow and prefer to watch TV or spent time meaninglessly.I will start reading Bhagwat geeta first from today.

  4. Your article is commendable kanishka.
    Reading is the only route to living an enlightened life. It opens up the horizons and allows you to explore the unknown.
    Keep writing and igniting the young minds.
    👍proud of you.

  5. Dear
    I have just completed reading your article . It was an exceptionally well-written article and created many interesting suggestions on the subject.

    I particularly liked the fact that it was an objective look at the issue, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of reading

    I would like to thank you for both a well researched and well-written article.

  6. I had the good fortune of reading ur new article. U hv effectively explained various advantages of reading. Undoubtedly, books are the best friends n very gud counselors. They give wings to our mind and flight to our imagination. I too agree that ‘Reading maketh a full man.’ Not only it improves our vocabulary, it also strengthens our conversation skill.

    I compliment u on the way, u have handled this important topic but in the end u seemed to be lashing out at the movie lovers. I personally feel that u could have restrained a bit and expressed it in a better way.

    Overall, I have full admiration for ur skill and hope to see more of your work in the coming days. All d best.

  7. It is an article that’s provoke me to read the books. I think many people will start good books after reading this article.

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