Pillars of Life.

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2020 turned out the way no one had expected. 

But now it’s time to gear up for the this year and make the most of it.

In this article, I am about to share the 5 major pillars of life that one should strive for. Each of these pillars is vital in one’s life.


A fat body yields nothing, whereas the benefits of a fit body are unparalleled. Believe me, no matter how much you achieve in life, you won’t be able to enjoy it unless you are in good shape. Mind you, fitness does not correspond to the concept of thinness. It means much more than that. Go, hit the gym, put on some muscles. Start strength training. Staying in top shape will enhance your personality, boost your confidence, and upgrade your growth. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body.

Don’t fall for the modern trap that says “being fat is okay”. It’s all bullshit. 

Honestly, ask yourself, will you be attracted to a fat person? 

Your family deserves the best version of you.


99% of your problems (barring health) can be solved if you have more money. Money is a very important tool today. Money alone does not create problems, lack of it certainly does. Money is not just required for survival but also to fulfill your dreams. 

Remember, money talks. Money fulfills all your desires. I am not going to stretch this point too much.


A life bereft of purpose is living dead. A life without a purpose lives a life full of distractions. When we lack purpose, we resort to watching movies, series, and gossiping.

Purpose gives you a direction. Set a purpose to wake up every day determined to move a step closer to your purpose. Don’t let setbacks shake you up. Keep that desire burning until you achieve your goals.

If you are not working hard towards it, then chances are you don’t want it bad enough or are not serious about it. You get one life, make sure to make it worth it. Wasting time watching movies, series is a hallmark of an average person’s life. Your purpose should be something that justifies your potential. Spend quality alone time with yourself, reflect on your life, know your strengths, and find a purpose. Your purpose should get you excited. Maybe, create a list.

Never settle for anything less than your potential.


Your mind is a wonderful slave but a terrible master. To achieve anything in life, you need to have the right mindset. 

We often give up before the inception of the start because our mind is hardwired in such away. Our mind will crave cheap dopamine than curating our future.

But a well-trained positive mind will only aid your growth. That is where meditation comes into play. Start meditating. We, humans, are emotional beings. We tend to go by emotions. And emotions impair one’s judgment.

Your mind is capable of achieving tremendous feats.

There are no limitations to the mind except the ones that we acknowledge. Sow positive thoughts in your mind.

Also, read. Reading will expand your intellectual level and you’ll always have something interesting to add. You’ll learn a lot from quality books.


The last point here is about how you behave and are perceived in society. Society status is important. Societal acceptance is embedded in you. We all seek societal approval. We are concerned with how our image is portrayed among the peeps. For that work on your personality. Get well dressed and groomed. Present yourself as a gentleman. First impressions do create an everlasting impression. 

Another tip is to speak less. It’ll do wonders. When you speak too much or get excited too much, you make a fool out of yourself. Don’t speak to satisfy your ego. 

Get rid of friends who mock you. You don’t deserve them. Get back at toxic people with toxicity, there is no harm in it. Don’t let anyone take you for granted.

Have friends that are growth-oriented. 

And not to mention, always have time for your family. They are the most important thing in the world.

Final note- 

I’ll advise you to start as early as possible. Your early 20s is the golden time. Don’t let it be doomed by hedonism. 

As you age, it gets more difficult. You have added responsibilities to your family, and expenses also substantially rise. You better start right now, rest compounding will take care.

Don’t create too much noise about your plans. Society is obsessed with results. They won’t care about your intentions or efforts. Show them. Keep the hustle a secret until it becomes big.

You better conduct a self-audit and get to work.

Invest in yourself.

“An unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates

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