How to choose your career in2021 ? Difference between job and career.

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In this article, I am going to provide a good overview of how you should choose your career. This article is going to be from India’s perspective. Though it may be equally relevant in other countries as well.

The first vital piece of information that I’ll like to give it out to you- Don’t adhere to what you hear and see. I mean most of it is just noise. Take suggestions from a person with credibility or relevant experience.

Would you ever take a piece of legal advice from a doctor?

Don’t even believe whatever your parents have to offer. They lived in totally different times deprived of digitalization and the invincible internet. Do in-depth research and analysis.

“Follow your passion.”

What can I say? This is the most irrelevant advice one could give you.

Most people confuse interest with passion. They seem to have liked for something, term it as passion. And the next thing they are doing is following a career in that field. Eventually, you will get bored at times.

First, understand the difference between a Career and Job.

A job is where you work for a wage rate. Whereas a career is where you play the long-term game. You have accountability and the chance of reaching the top of the ladder.

Always opt for a career. Scalability is an important factor.

Also, movies have had a huge impact on the mindset of millennials that they end up on the wrong path.

When choosing a career, take into consideration your IQ/potential, market, and interests.

Keep in mind the field you are entering in. Make sure it is not a dying industry. Though long-term, we would recommend you to go for a business.

If you are interested in videography or photography, it wouldn’t be wise to go into that field. Be logical and think, do you any scope of levelling up your money game. These are all jobs. The same goes for a person who is a good musician (Exception: If he gets famous). No doubt that you’ll make enough money for your needs, but not your wants. The same goes for travelling.

People who believe to set a career around travelling are foolish. They will try and defend their claim by displaying their love for travel.

I want to ask them, who doesn’t?

These things are best left as hobbies than a career.

Next, if you want interested in entering a market, get into tech. simply go for it. Tech is the present and the future. You will always find opportunities if you are from a tech background. There is always a demand for them.

The same goes for other professional degrees, as doctors, lawyers etc. Scalability in these depends on how good you are at your work. Word of mouth also plays a pivotal role here. And the best part about them is that they won’t be replaced by tech.

If you are good with number crunching, analytics or accounts department, you could make your way into the Finance or the corporate industry. Every company needs an accounting guy. Corporate work is more skill-based.

Now let’s come to Govt jobs. It’s one thing that almost every middle-class household pushes their kids to opt for.

We are not a big fan of Government jobs, as there is not much growth in it. And there aren’t many like-minded (Out of the box thinking) people in it. But there is an added advantage to it, that is flexibility. That’s a major bonus. You can avail more time for your side business.

Just rationally analyse the cards and pick wisely. But the card should have a ladder to climb up.

Don’t just blindly blend in with the masses. Keep in mind your potential and the market.

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