What does the future hold? 2021 and beyond.

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To say that this year has been different would be an understatement. The global pandemic, in a short span of time, redefined life as we knew it and imposed a ‘new normal’ on humankind, one that we all had barely imagined, let alone prepared for. And yet, despite all its ravages, COVID 19 has found its nemesis in a fundamental characteristic of life, and that is change. Yes, things are changing, probably for the better or the worse, but, more importantly, these new situations require us to be able to find our feet in the new reality.

COVID-19 may be nearing its end, but its aftermath is here to stay.

Many people are relentlessly complaining about when things are going to get back to normal. The answer to that is never. You adjust or you perish. It is as simple as that.

We believe that COVID-19 has made a paradigm shift. It has just fast-forwarded things. The earlier you comprehend and embrace it, the better.

Here is our view on certain things-

Work from Home- Coronavirus may have forced many of the workforce to operate from home. But now, the companies are making it a norm. Why wouldn’t they do it? This practice helps them to save expenses on lease and other utilities offered to employees. Companies also gained the liberty to employ people from distant corners of the country. This means inefficient employees will have no place and more involvement of tech will lay off many employees. 

So, you better start investing in yourself.

From the employees’ point of view, he will be delighted to not hurry off to the office every day. The employee is saving a lot of time on the commute. A study also found that 88% of people refer work from home in India. Who would not enjoy the luxury of working from home?

Work from home has taken a step towards globalization. People can hire from another country. Or you can have your customer area abroad. Coronavirus has transcended the barriers to networking.

Business- Most businesses were down because of the lockdown. But now things are reviving. Lockdown boosted the internet business. It was a bane for them. Infect hereon, things will only be an uphill from here. That is why we believe that one should have an internet-based income. I mean people consumed content like crazy.

The future is digital. More people are going to consume the internet. Talking about India, there are miles to go. That is why big companies like Reliance are focusing on investment tie-ups with major internet players like Google, Facebook, etc. for their digital arm Jio platforms.

Wise people would have started an internet-based income during the lockdown. We recommend our readers do the same. It could be anything from a blog to a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, etc. It will make you money when you are asleep. All you need to do is find your strengths, leverage them with little investments.

Whereas, an average person would be among the 10 million new subscribers of Netflix.

Give a man enough TV, he will through his ambitions right out of the window.

People have also started to feel comfortable with online space. Online classes, consulting, buying habits, food delivery, etc. are all on the upward trajectory.

We recommend you start with your online money-making from Twitter. This guide e-book has helped us earn money from it. You should definitely check this out. It’s totally worth it.



Bitcoin will be on the rise. With the amount of US printing and Elon Musk backing it, things will go up. When we talk about India, the Government plans to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies and introduce a new one. If the government does that, crypto’s will lose its meaning. Although crypto won’t disappear.

We are not giving any investment advice here. First, understand, do your research and invest accordingly. We are bullish on bitcoin.

That’s it for today.

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