How youth waste their time…..

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Dear Youth

I am writing this article, so that you can sit back, mirror your life, and realize how you are deteriorating the prized year of your life.

Gone are the days when apple was a mere fruit. Now it has become a status symbol amongst us.

Gone are the days when you would play sports outside. Now you have virtual games just a few clicks away.

In the 21st century, the evolution of cell phones and the internet has been tremendous. With the rise of social media, we have become social media zombies. Zombies strive for blood; you strive for likes and comments. I am sure almost every one of you feels the urge to upload pictures. You constantly recheck your account for the latest updates. But what serious update it could have, except for some shitty new posts, comments and likes. We are uploading pictures just for the sake of it. We mindlessly scroll through our accounts for an endless duration without a purpose.

Social Media is controlling you.

Social Media has become the new standard of society. Your number of followers, likes and comments on the post determine how cool you are. It has also provided you with an option to pry into others’ life and pass judgements.

Is all this worth it???

Absolutely not.

All social media does is, offers you instant gratification, draining you of your time and energy. Channelling your social media time to some productive usage will yield superb returns. There is a lot of productive content available online. Read that instead of watching some crap on social media. There are a lot of online tutorials and courses available online, which could make you a competent person.

Don’t forget “Time is a virtue.”

You all get carried away by absolute non-sensical stuff. You all crave expensive phones, swanky clothes, want to go partying/clubbing. All this may look glamorous to you, but the reality is just the opposite. These are all materialistic things, wasting your money and time.

Comprehend the worth of money and time, make good use of it.

Instead, place that money into something that will give you valuable and productive returns.

Please don’t feel that you’ll miss out on stuff. It’s an investment that you are making today towards your future. It’s like a stepping stone. Believe me, with the passage of time you’ll start to enjoy working on yourself.

Let me provide you with an example-

There are two individuals A and B, both bearing the same potential and have 50000 each.

A spends all of his money extravagantly on the latest affluent phone (which will depreciate approximately 50% within a year), apparels, streaming services and partying. On the other hand, B has decided to act smartly. He has used the money to buy a cheap phone, joined a gym, brought some books and an online course.

A couple of months later A is still the same with no improvement. Whereas B has absorbed the knowledge from his course and books, which has aided him in setting up a new business. In addition to that, he is in great shape.

In the above example, smart choices is what has set them apart. One is doing justice to his potential, the other one is just strolling towards his impending doom. If this scenario continues for years, then B will be affluent, revered and successful and A will be full of regrets.

Stay away from herd mentality.

Today, our life is full of distractions.

Another big distraction is television. By TV, I also mean online streaming services.TV is a complete waste of time. Sitting idle, watching TV for hours, at stretch, only provides you exhilaration for a few moments. Apart from that it makes you lazy, fat and sick. TV is meant for swine. It feeds you the wrong information. Just imagine how much time you waste everyday watching TV.

TV also impinges on your perception. You go on chasing women, money and sex. It’s totally worthless. You follow people from whom you have nothing to learn. Don’t be misguided. You are only ruining your mindset. All this is offering you pleasure for the sake of growth.

“An addiction to distraction is an end to creativity”. -Robin Sharma

All the easy trivial things will not stay with for a lifetime. You can opt for all this bullshit if you want to live a mediocre life or have no dreams or are happy with what little you have.

A successful life needs you to let go of these things.  Learn to make the right move. Every choice you make today is going to have repercussions on your future. You will achieve everything provided you work hard and strive for excellence.

These are your golden years when you can explore a lot of different stuff, have big dreams, discover your talent, shape your personality and acquire new skills.

So, buckle up, take the plunge and make the right choice, because it’s either now or never.

Good Luck

Your Well-Wisher.

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  1. Hello .bhayia
    First of all your title is very nice .
    I read some paragraphs from full Article , its very nice . Really ,I impresed from you .

    1. A very useful article for teenagers…
      We must point out these things in our life and should improve 😇

      Well done bhaiya!!
      Keep it up… u r doing a great job!!

  2. Someone should point out such things to all our youth , the entire read is worth millons only if someone pay head to it.
    I love the fact that its written with a lot of wisdom.

  3. I have read some of topics all are interesting and educative and worth ful we have to inculcate the positivity and do the right things .

  4. It’s really
    very difficult in this active life to listen news on
    Television, so I only use
    internet for that reason, and take the newest information.

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