How to make the most of College? 2021

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How to make most of college life.

Once you have enrolled yourself in college, make sure you are making the most of it. The average will go there to hang out and chill. Our readers should go out there and play the long-term game.

College should not be fun.

We believe that college lays the foundation of life. It is at this stage (the early 20s) that you can afford to commit a lot of mistakes. If the foundation is built right, the palace constructed on it will be majestic.


First and foremost, thing. Don’t mess up your grades. There is a myth circulated that college marks do not matter. Yes, that is half true. But you still don’t want to screw up your grades. Most of you will be joining jobs after college, so good grades will only aid up your chances.

Professional experience-

You have to have professional experience in your portfolio. It is a must. Get as many internships as possible. The first thing, the hiring managers glance at your CV is your experience. Your vacation times are a perfect opportunity for this. Apply to multinational organizations. See how the company operates and learn few traits. Professional experience is a tremendous boost to your CV. You would want to give your best shot at everything in the firm, as they may give you a call back in the future. Approximately more than a month before your vacation, start applying to the companies. The selection process takes longer than you expect.

Once in the organization, learn. Practical experience serves you a lifetime. Meticulously observe the organisation.


Read as much as possible. It will only make you smarter. Your free lecture should be spent in the library. Carry a book in your bag. Reading gives you perspective on everything, instil confidence and makes you smarter than your peers. While in college, read on technology, Finance, psychology, nutrition, business etc. Read 3 books on any topic and you’ll be better than the average. The return on reading is unparallel. An investment of $20 can give you a mammoth return of 200000x.  

Your body-

Never neglect your health. No matter how much money you make or the status you achieve, if your health is shit, all of it is worthless. The reason being you won’t be able to enjoy it. Get your body in order. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Get fitter and stronger. Start consuming healthy foods. Let your health compound onto better. Train 6 days a week, sleep 8 hours a day and eat nutritious food throughout. It will make you look great. Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best?


Surround yourself with smarter people. Don’t be around mediocre people, you will adapt to their mediocrity. They are here to have fun, but you are here to make up your future. Have a circle that shares your vision. Create connections, they go long way. When you visit different colleges, befriend people. You never know when you’ll require anyone. Your connection should pop up in dire needs in the future.

A tip here for you is that get interesting hobbies like sports, learning a language or an interesting hobby. You will attract interesting people alongside.

Out of the box-

The 20s is the best time to make mistakes. During college go for things beyond your textbooks. Try starting a side hustle. It could be a YouTube channel, blog, business etc. Find your strengths and leverage them. If it turns successful, it could go a long way. Forge your creativity and strengths into a business.

Take a simple idea but take it seriously.

Charlie Munger.

Things to avoid-

College is the time teens usually attains some freedom, which puts them on the wrong pedestal at times. He opts for things of no value like alcohol, drugs, hedonism etc. Just because everyone is doing it does not suffice you to be doing it. Alcohol and drugs are sheer waste of money and also damage your body. Don’t even think of trying them. Their addiction is hard to break. Don’t fall for once in a while is ok, it is not.

Others don’t know what they are getting into. You are smart enough now to figure out what is best for you.

To sum up.

College life= Focus on learning, rather than education.

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