How friends influence you? How to get rid of toxic friends?

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In this article, we are going to talk about the following:

Who is a friend?

As per our common understanding, a  friend is someone who we can connect with, spend time with, and share a deep emotional bond with. For us, as humans, it’s safe to assume that our friends are there for us when we need them. But, is that the case, always? Are our friendships truly emotionally fulfilling?

Why it’s important to eliminate toxic friends from your life:

“You are the average of five persons you spend the most time with.”

The type of friends you are surrounded with, influence your nature, thinking, and actions. Your friends define who you are.

We don’t get to choose our family, but, we do get to choose our friends. But, we are good at making the wrong decisions when it comes to making friends. We choose friends who are toxic to us. We have friends who constantly mock us. We are surrounded by people who don’t believe in your vision and look to denigrate every move of ours. 

Humans have this knack to adjust and learn from their surroundings. When you spend ample time with contaminated people, you start to think and act like them. We taint our minds and stunt our progress.

In some cases, what happens is that we accompany them in their wrongdoings, maybe, it is because of that peer pressure. Most of us follow our friends blindly without realizing the consequences. The great Chanakya always emphasized to be wary of friends and never confide in them. Toxicity is, in a way, contagious. Staying with toxic people, you might take on some of the toxic qualities yourself.

How to make good, meaningful friendships:

You should lose a friend who mortifies you without giving a thought. You don’t deserve to be friends with someone who sabotages your growth. Get rid of friends who poison your mind. By poison, I mean negativity. What is the use of having friends who are pulling you down?

So, now, you might be wondering if it’s a cakewalk to get rid of toxic people. You cannot change the others for the way they are, but, you can make a sound and rational choice for yourself while making friends.

  1. Choose a friend with similar goals: Always be wise while picking your friends as they are a huge factor in determining your future. Chances are, you’ll achieve your goal much faster as you’ll motivate each other, push each other’s limits. The best part is that you and your friend will comprehend each other’s vision if you both are on the same page. You can have deep conversations regarding your goals, plans with each other. If you are stuck somewhere in your career, the other person can lend you a helping hand.  
  2. Associate with people who, you think, are better than you. This helps you learn a great deal from them and widen your profile. You will come across certain aspects which you were completely unaware of. Life is about learning and advancing and not about stagnating your growth by being around someone who doesn’t help you improve.
  3. Have a friend who is trustworthy and is constantly encouraging you: Someone who shows genuine interest in your life, achievements, is always supportive and more than willing to help you out, is someone you should be friends with. Have a friend who injects you with a regular dose of positivity. It feels great to have someone who has your back and is ready to support you in your hard times. Also, he should enjoy your success, help you be yourself around him, respect you. Be cautious of the people who are looking to exploit you.

Word Of Caution:

I am not asking you to eliminate your friends from your life, just asking you to get hold of your life. Gauge your friendships and cut out proximity with friends who are not aiding you in unleashing your potential, who disrespect you. To fulfill your dreams, you have to let go of certain people in your life. Generate the necessary environment.

As an old saying goes “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Every friendship is worth cherishing provided it’s rewarding.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to be a friend you would like to have.

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