An investment that gives 100% returns.

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Perplexed where to invest? Looking for an investment that gives you a sure return? Then read through the whole article.

Let’s start with the basics.

What does it mean to invest?

To invest means to put your money into something in anticipation of gains.

Of course, when you are putting your money into something, you are looking to benefit from it. But in this article, I am not solely going to talk about the money investment but also about the time investment.

Now, the question is: what is the best investment?

The best investment one can possibly make is an Investment in oneself. Yes, you read it right, investing in yourself gives the best return. By ‘investing in oneself’, I don’t mean you buy expensive stuff.

What exactly invests in yourself means is that you spend your money and time on self-improvement. It may sound ludicrous and you may question why not invest in Mutual Funds, Equities, etc. Yes, you can and, in fact you should, but only after you have acquired the necessary skill. There is no point investing when you don’t possess the skills of the financial market.

Money and time invested in yourself will make you a better version of yourself. Investing in yourself will definitely yield marvellous results. It will enhance you as a person. You’ll become competent as well. It will also act as a massive confidence booster.

Let me provide you with some broad parameters of investing here.

  • Investing in Health A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Go get a gym membership, instead of wasting money on streaming services like Netflix, prime, etc. Lying on your couch watching movies/series serves no purpose. You cannot take your body for granted. Your body deserves the best treatment. Nowadays, we are degrading our bodies by devouring all kinds of junk. I am sure, everyone dreams of a beautiful physique, but very few people are willing to invest in it.
  • Investing in reading- We all know that most successful people are into reading. Invest in decent books, which will aid you to thrive. Books will provide you with numerous teachings about life. You can learn from the mistakes committed by successful people. It expands your horizon of thinking. It makes you a much smarter person. You can almost master a topic by just reading a few books on it. Knowledge never goes to waste. It enhances your confidence and concentration.
  • Investing in strengthening and acquiring new skills – You can absorb a new skill; you don’t know when it can come in handy. Instead of just sitting idle, it is far better to pick up something new and useful. You can learn to cook, learn a new language, learn to program, brush up on your presentation skills, etc. There are lots of things to be learned, which many people are sheerly oblivious of. Earning a new skill enlarges your portfolio. Your set of skills determines how well you perform at your job.
  • Investing in productivity – It’s always worth spending money on something that improves your efficiency and saves time. Imagine the time you’ll save. Furthermore, what more you could achieve in the saved time. It’s a well-known fact that Technology is a good servant but a bad master. The technology was created to make our work easier, provided, we make proper use of it
  • Investing in habits- Cultivating good habits serves you a lifetime. As the saying goes “Habits define who you are”. Purge yourself from all the bad habits. Bad habits are like heavyweights that pull you down. Investing in good habits help you tread on the path to success.

Above written are some of the investments you could make, which will yield supreme results. The more you work on yourself, the better you get.

Just remember that no one is perfect. There is always room for improvement.

Investment in yourself will bear you the best fruit in the future. I can vouch for that.

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    1. Actually i though this article would suggest me to invest in one of the policies like MF,LIC,PPf etc… But aft going tr this, i really liked the points you suggested here.
      First invest in yourself, shine yourself and then run at the back of money.
      I liked it. 👍👍

  1. So very well written.. In simple but still very effective manner…
    Very good..
    Keep up the good work..
    God bless

  2. Very informative article which validate the old saying Health is wealth…Keep motivating us 👍

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