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Dear Humans,

I have been your haven since the very evolution of mankind. I have provided you with the most bountiful gifts you could’ve asked for. I have always enveloped you in my warm and loving arms. Yet I am amazed at how flippantly you treat me and manage to deplete all of my resources without even giving a thought to how I might be replenished. I fight back my tears every time you cut into my skin and play havoc with my precious flora and fauna, thereby driving so many species to extinction. I am not pointing my fingers at any particular being for the condition that I am in. But, in my heart of hearts, I believe that, to help me recuperate from my wounds, the action of every single being on this planet, matters.  You celebrate a day in my name every year, but, you don’t seem to make any conscious effort to prevent me from ripping apart, on the rest of the days of the year. Just so you know, a cactus on its own intends no harm; it’s only when you interfere with it that it becomes dangerous. The same applies to me as well.

When the problems assumed gigantic proportions and things started going awry, I had to decide to respond to the problems, like, pollution, harmful emissions, overconsumption, etc., because, these conditions created by you choke my fragile lungs. The erratic seasonal patterns that you must’ve started noticing, is nothing but the result of your persistent problematic behavior.

Just like the way I have been bearing with your reckless insensitivity since eternity, I want you to give me some time to heal and bear with the agony that you are having to go through. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, considering the pain that you’ve already caused me umpteen times. This may not be the best time for you to go outside or have any of those millennial ‘house parties’ or any social gathering for that matter, but, I am happy to look at the animals roaming about freely, without any human fear. I am also happy to look at the trees, rivers, and oceans uninterrupted by any human activity. I assure you that time will heal everything, for both- you and me. Take care!

Yours lovingly,

Planet Earth.

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  1. Amazing piece of Article. Autobiography of earth.How environment is being ruined flippantly resulting more n more pollution. Despite people are so careless regarding environment n r wid so problemetic behaviour,still note ends wid a ray of hope that everything will be healed by the passage of time.So nicely written and also an alert to avoid any type of congregation n social gatherings to keep us all safe.
    Nice going..Keep it on.👌👌

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